Here’s an extensive review of your new UC News app

This specialist news app which can be quickly downloaded from any PC, laptop, mobile device or tablet, has specifically been tailored towards Hindi-speaking men and women who also happen to be well-versed in the use of their familiar Anglo-Saxon language of English. It is well-known to international observers and communications and news media observers, even as far as America that Hindi-speaking Indians are fairly fluent in the use of the English language.

UC News app

After all, it is a language with which many affluent and middle class Indians’ grandparents were brought up with before India’s independence from Great Britain during the late forties of the previous century. Today, the UC News app gives upwardly mobile and on the go Indians and worldly Hindi speakers news they want to read. All newsfeeds are up to date and trending. App users can also personalize their news selections.

If not that, the algorithmic feature makes suggestions for the users. One of the most popular talking points for both Indian men and women is what’s happening on the cricket pitch. Call up any day of the year in India and a big cricket match is being played somewhere. If the national team is not busy on the mother sub-continent, they’re dueling it out with a formidable foe elsewhere in the world. Test matches and ODIs against the sub-continent’s next door nemesis still captures the imagination of millions of fans since the two nations began dueling it out with one another as independent cricketing nations.

But of course, it is not all sport where Hindis are concerned. They want to know what’s happening next door in Bollywood and they want to know what’s happening on the fashion boardwalks of the big cities.