Ejuice facts and propositions

In this short, informational article on the still-growing trend of electronic cigarette smoking let us dispose of a few facts. There are no myths, bear that in mind. Then let’s inform you of historical propositions. Finally, as it goes with all good stories, let us end this article on a surprisingly healthy note. This is good news for suffering smokers who cannot quit the dangerous habit of consuming harmful tobacco and nicotine.


This should serve as some encouragement to at least give e-cigarette smoking a try as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Ejuice is essentially the liquidized solution contained in the holders inserted onto the electronic cigarettes. The most prominent ingredients contained therein, and this is a given fact, are propylene glycol, glycerin and, of course, nicotine. But let us not forget that, unlike the bland and distasteful flavor of traditional tobacco products, e-liquid solutions offer smokers thousands, would you believe, of flavorful choices.

When the vapor smoke is emitted into the immediate atmosphere, aromatic esthetics is taken care of. History shows just how far authoritative and non-governmental bodies have gone to bring in new regulations to curb this new trend, mostly, and this much should be obvious, for health reasons. This is understandable. But the good news for smokers and non-smokers alike is that there are new electronic cigarette product packages on the world-wide market that include ejuice solutions that carry no propylene glycol and nicotine.

This is good news for smokers who are realistic in their expectations of not being able to give up smoking any day soon. It is, of course, also good news for their long-suffering loved ones who don’t smoke at all. Actually, there is just one myth worth debunking. This new trend is not entirely a means to an end towards giving up the habit for good.